Apologizing Purposefully

Are you guys ready for some real honesty? A honest to goodness confession? I’ve been going through a lot of introspection as of late. It’s been weighing on my heart to live with more intention. Not just in being physically present but being aware of what I put in my body, how I spend my […]

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Yoga Shadows

I went to yoga a few weeks ago and arrived later than usual which means I was in the back of the room. I tend to like to be closer to the front where I am closest to the heating vent and therefore getting the most heat for the duration of the class.  It was […]

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January: a prayer

  Father God, This time of year we are always abuzz with the feelings for freshness, new beginnings, and second chances.  We throw ourselves into improvements and game plans to be and live better.  I ask that you would continually remind us this month of how fresh your beginnings are.  That every day, every moment […]

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Meditation Practice…

Now more than ever I feel as if we are hearing more and more about mindfulness and being present.  I was first really introduced to the idea when I was taking my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training when I was living in Florida.  Part of the curriculum was to sit in mediation.  Throughout the 8 […]

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The Books on my Shelf

I love reading like some people love sitting on the beach with a cold drink in their hand.  Kal-El thinks I read too much and often teases me about it but I genuinely cannot help it.  We step into a library and I have to pull myself away.  We walk into our local Goodwill and […]

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January Tending List

It’s that time of year, sweets! The new year is upon us and we are filled with excitement to make changes happen and become bigger, better, bolder people.  I am so thrilled to be able to share my Tending List with you for January and go over what I did (and did not) achieve in […]

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