Hello, There


Hello There, Sweetness!

Let me introduce myself properly, I am Ashley Marie:

Lover of Jesus, all things yoga, and adventure.

My love language and enneagram allow me to: write snail mail; sing whenever a tune pops into my head; kiss my love whenever we are on the same continent; never let a book get too dusty; wander the world; cuddle up in a blanket with a notebook on my lap and a pen in my hand; drink tea from cute mugs; hold FaceTime dates with the most important people in my life and now, writing this blog.

After a life altering experience, God has shown me that His people are my purpose.

To listen to their stories and believe in their truth.  To hold their hands and look them in the eyes. To search my own soul so that the broken piece within me do not cause injury to those around me. To live raw and open in my current healing so that others might see that Band-Aids don’t always fix the wounds that need honest cleaning. And to simply love the way He has built me too and then love even more deeply.

Also, I love connecting so feel free to use the contact button to say, “hello”. I promise you, I will love it!


Ashley Marie