Credit About 2 years ago TED Talk came to Denver and I applied to be a speaker.  I was freshly out of treatment and felt that I had so much to say about my experience and I wanted to share all of the helpful tidbits of information I had accumulated over the several months before.  […]

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Pushing Publish

Writing is something that feeds me.  Being able to express myself either on social media, this blog, or my journals is one of my favorite forms of self-care.  I adore the written word.  However, I am also a wannabe perfectionist. I struggle with the process and I want to just be good at writing.  When […]

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What’s in a name? 

Kal-El and I have talked about our future a handful of times and one of my favorite futuristic things to talk about besides our trips around the globe are our potential future children’s names.  I am huge on making sure that my children will have some part of their name tie back to the family.  […]

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Alice Update

I cannot believe that we are four weeks away from heading back to the states.  Six weeks has flown by and although I have settled into the slow lifestyle of the outback, I am ready to be back working and creating a home with Kal-El in a place that we will be in together for […]

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Good Luck, Bad Luck, Who Cares?

I used to say that I had the worst luck in the world.  Instead of Murphy’s Law, there was Ash’s Law.   “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong’, had morphed into, “everything just goes wrong”.   My friends and I would laugh at the silliest things that would pop up in my day and cause […]

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Monthly Goals- August

I have become obsessed with Lara Casey and her Powersheets.  I haven’t actually purchased any because they sold out before I was settled enough to buy them so I have been creating my own version of these “Tending Lists” in my journal.  I absolutely love what these have done for my goal setting and accountability […]

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