8-Minute Memoir: Restaurants

Today’s topic was not chosen by Ann Dee Ellis (although the prompt may actually be on her blog).  Last night while Kal-El and I were eating dinner I asked him for a blog idea and he said “restaurants”.  Specifically, he wanted me to share about the few restaurants that we have already experienced but we’ve only dined at a handful and I didn’t take any photos of the food (I am horrible at playing tourist) so I figure it would be a marvelous writing prompt for the next 8 minutes instead of being an entire post.

I am not a restaurant person, which is the complete opposite of Kal-El.  I think if he could, we would be eating out every night.  It’s easy and super convenient but I just don’t see the thrill in it.  Maybe because I am vegetarian it isn’t as delightful for me to indulge in menus that leave me with choosing either pasta or another glorified salad?  I also am such a cheap person that I loathe the idea of paying upwards of $10 (or more!) for a salad that I could almost as easily (and less expensively) make at home.  I used to loved eating at the typical chain restaurants when I was in my early 20’s.  It seemed like a luxury to be able to afford Olive Garden or Ruby Tuesday’s whenever I wanted…now, I’m just over it.  My own journey into being a bit healthier has probably played a role in it as well.

That being said, I have enjoyed Kal-El and I’s new Friday night tradition.  For date night we have been venturing into town and eating at the few restaurants available to us.  Everything in Alice is rather expensive but it really has been great finding restaurants around town that give off a little ambiance and takes us out of our daily routines.  So far we have dined at three restaurants, all very different from each other.

Tali, I believe, is more fine dining in one of the local hotels. It’s honestly as fancy as it gets around here.  It was a lesson for me to learn that in Australia “entree” means appetizer, not the main dish, so imagine my surprise when I ordered what I thought was a mushroom salad and it turned out to be 7 stringy mushrooms on some arugula, though elegantly displayed.  I ended up dining on some of Kal-El’s dinner that night.

We also have gone to this great Pho place called Alice Vietnamese Restaurant on the outskirts of town. If it hadn’t rained (the only time it has since I have arrived) we would have dined outside under the awning and enjoyed the natural landscape and foliage. The food was so yummy. Probably some of the best Pho I have had besides the little hole in the wall place we found in Sydney.  They only serve Pho on Sunday’s and I have a feeling we may be regulars.

Casa Nostra, the best Italian food I have ever had.  It felt really authentic to me for having never actually been to Italy.  What I loved the most was that when they brought the food out to us, the plates were cold. I’m not sure if you have ever noticed how hot the plates always seem to be when they bring your food out in America but usually we are warned not to touch them.  This, I discovered, is because they keep the food under heating lamps or they microwave the food causing the dishes to be warm.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the food was made fresh and brought out to us at the exactly the same time.  It was also my first time having cannolis.  They were not at all what I had expected but I wouldn’t mind eating them again.


Ashley Marie



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