8-Minute Memoir: The Sky

Happy Monday from Australia. 🙂

This week I want to dive into the 8-Minute Memoir project created by Ann Dee Ellis.  I stumbled across this writing project several months ago and for a while I would follow the prompts in my personal journal but I thought it would be fun to share these 8 minute exercises here.  The premise is that Ann every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday shares a topic/idea/prompt and then 8 minutes is spent talking about, writing through,  or reflecting on it.  To make sure I feed my need for discipline with this blog, I plan to write an 8-minute memoir once a day for this week.   I will pick a topic at random from her website and then jot my thoughts on here with limited editing.  I want this to be a really authentic practice for me.  Today I will reflect on the sky.

One of the perks of growing up in the back woods country of the Midwest is that the sky is always littered with stars at night and skylines and city lights never take away from the vastness of the open sky.  I remember as a child catching fireflies in the summer months under the endless amount of stars or catching snowflakes on my tongue under grey skies in the winter.  Now, as an adult, catching the cotton candy sunset will stop me in my tracks and bring me back to my roots and fills my heart with gratitude.  About 2 weeks before I moved here to Australia I was having drinks with one of my dear friends, Kelly. She and her family were also leaving for Japan and so as we reflected on our moves to the other side of the planet, one thing she mentioned was that she longed for the night sky. To be able to look up and show her young kids the stars. Something that wasn’t readily available to us in Denver with the city lights.

I have tried to keep that on the forefront on my mind being here in the outback.  There is nothing but open space here and the sky truly is endless.  So far, everyday has been clear skied; as blue as I remember the skies being in Florida and I love it.  Running under the hot sun (even in the winter months) brings me warmth and also little reprieve as there are barely any clouds to block the rays.  The constant sunshine makes sightseeing so easy because I’m not hiding away from potential rain and I don’t even bother to look at the pending weather because I already know the sky will  never disappoint my adventures.

I am so grateful to have lived under so many different parts of the sky and have experienced the way it looks on different continents and locations. I am grateful for friends that remind me to stop and look up, who encourage me to see the little things with as much curiosity and appreciation as I would the Kangaroo Sanctuary that’s right across the road from me.  Thank you, Lord, for the sky and all that falls into place within it.


Ashley Marie



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