Welcome to the Land Down Under – First Stop: Sydney

I have to be ruthlessly honest and admit that I did not take in Sydney as much as any person should.  At this point in my travels, I was so exhausted.  Kal-El and I did do a lot of walking and sightseeing but I think from being so many places in such a short amount of time Sydney was left with my shell of a persona and so I didn’t truly get to appreciate what I was seeing, touching, eating, and experiencing while I was in the moment.  I have zero regrets but I wasn’t as awe-inspired as I think I would have been had I come straight from Denver to Sydney.

Enough of that. 🙂

As exhausted as I was, I still had a tremendous time gallivanting around the city.  We ate so much food.  All the food, actually. I don’t know how Sydney had any left after the two of us.  Sydney is known for its Asian Fusion cuisine and it did not disappoint.  And the brunch! We had brunch every. single. day!  Although some places were much better than others, it was still the perfect way for me to wake up and then begin our adventures exploring.

The Airbnb that we stayed in was beautiful. It was a row/town home literally 150 ft from the metro so going into the city was really convenient. Definitely a highlight after a long day of walking through Sydney or for Kal-El when he would go into the city for a night-cap while I was snoozing away thanks to the jet lag.

We spent an entire day walking around Paddy’s Markets which is a ginormous flea market underneath one of the malls in Sydney.  We did more looking and browsing than actual purchasing because there was so much to take in.  We did walk away with some new fuzzy socks, a cute new pair of boots, and some homemade soaps for me, some baby boomerangs for my nephews, and a sweatshirt, jacket, and luggage for Kal-El.  I didn’t stop and getting any photographs but it really is just like any other flea market.  We deemed it a success and then had a bird infested dinner watching the sunset at the Sydney Opera House bar. Not too shabby.

The last few days were spent exploring the city; walking through all the little neighborhoods and city streets.  We did a Skywalk Tour at the Sydney Tour Eye which was really cool but a but pricey for my taste. The history lover in me convinced Kal-El to take a tour of Susannah Place, which is a historic set of houses in The Rocks. It would have been a bit better to walk ourselves through the homes but I still really enjoyed myself and Kal-El enjoyed the beer afterwards.  We debated going ice skating outside of the gorgeous St. Mary’s Cathedral but decided against it in loo of walking around the city more.  Kal-EL had his fortune told by this remarkable Italian-American gentleman. Though, I think he didn’t walk away with anything more than the experience itself.  And then we had a glass of wine and a cold brew across the harbor from the Opera House our last evening there and really tried to soak it all in.  Again, there was so much to take in because although there is a lot that is similar to American cities, it is completely different.  I am hoping we can snag a day or two on our trip back to America so I can embrace the city a little better, with a more gracious and excited spirit.

Until next time, Sydney!


Ashley Marie



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