“One More Light”

The loss of Chester Bennington has not been unnoticed in our home this past week.  Kal-El has listened to Linkin Park since their mainstream debut in 2001 with their album Hybrid Theory and has been allowing their albums to play into the soundtrack of his life ever since.  It’s needless to say that he was […]

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Mile One

I hate to admit this but I am a HUGE quitter.  I lack patience and discipline in all the ways that I need it most.  I start off strong and then I burn out with as much vigor.  In the same sense I get excited about things easily and fiercely and then a few mornings […]

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8-Minute Memoir: This Day

Today is the last installment of my 8-Minute Memoir blogging challenge and I have to admit that I loved setting aside just a few minutes each day to feed my craving to write.  I may set something up to do this a little longer even if not on the blog specifically.  I hope you all […]

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8-Minute Memoir: Bed

A silly, fun prompt for Hump Day here in Australia. 🐫 I never realized how much I liked sleep until I arrived here.  Maybe that is also because I’m not working and so I don’t have a real reason to get out of bed when the alarm clock sounds.  Either way, I have been loving […]

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8-Minute Memoir: Restaurants

Today’s topic was not chosen by Ann Dee Ellis (although the prompt may actually be on her blog).  Last night while Kal-El and I were eating dinner I asked him for a blog idea and he said “restaurants”.  Specifically, he wanted me to share about the few restaurants that we have already experienced but we’ve […]

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8-Minute Memoir: The Sky

Happy Monday from Australia. 🙂 This week I want to dive into the 8-Minute Memoir project created by Ann Dee Ellis.  I stumbled across this writing project several months ago and for a while I would follow the prompts in my personal journal but I thought it would be fun to share these 8 minute […]

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50 States and 50 postcards

I have always loved visiting people’s homes and seeing their collections.  Seeing how over the years they have developed this love for one knick-knack or another.  In the past I have attempted to collect tea kettles, tea sets, mugs, magnets, etc. but it eventually became too cluttered for me.  It gives me extreme anxiety to […]

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