East Coast Loving 

Back in April, Kal-El came to visit for my birthday and we spent a few days visiting in Los Angeles with Kal-El’s good friends and got VIP tickets to a Hans Zimmer concert. Then we jumped across the country to my three “home states” on the east coast, Ohio, Maryland, and New York for a […]

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San Fran Adventures

My first leg to Australia lands me in San Francisco with my dearest friend, Ally.  Ally and I met several years ago through a mutual friend and then gained a closer connection through the local yoga studio and wine bar.  I treasure this friendship for so many reasons.  Ally is my brave, vivacious, fearless, gypsy-hearted, […]

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Struggles in Chaplaincy

Chaplains have some of the BEST stories. There was a military chaplain’s panel in my class  last semester and it was marvelous. They had so much information and with every question we asked, each of them seemed to have insight spilling from the stories they had to share. It gave me a little hope for my […]

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Fair Thee Well, Denver

I am coming up on what would be my third summer here in Colorado and within 2 weeks I will be hopping on an aeroplane and heading to San Francisco to spend a week with one of my best friends, Ally, before continuing my journey to Australia. As eager as I have been to finally […]

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