The Written Word

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have a huge appreciation for words. Spoken, written, expressed through emoji; whether it be in books, blogs, podcasts, articles, legitimate Facebook posts, or songs I dig them. So, it should come at no surprise that I also keep journals. Lots of them, actually. Seven to be exact. I have a […]

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Brunch in the Snow

It snowed this past week, which is not totally uncommon here in Colorado but not any less annoying when the past few weeks have been sunshine and tan lines. Also not uncommon for it to snow and then be almost 60 degrees the next day. God does have a marvelous sense of humor! I took the day […]

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Alice Springs

I leave in 4 weeks to spend almost 5 months in Australia with Kal-El.  I am overflowing with excitement and just a pinch of nervousness.  True to form, we are brainstorming all of the incredible things we want to do and see while finishing up his tour and I am also creating a game plan for myself. […]

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  I am not even sure where to start with how much I love them or if I will be able to stop once I start.  These three women have been such a tremendous influence in my life.  I would not be the person I am today without them.  I cannot imagine anyone else in […]

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Trauma is Subject to Triumph

Trauma. It feels like such a taboo six-letter word that we either shy away from or wear it across our chest like a prize ribbon. Trauma. It seems impossible anymore to meet another human being without feeling the weight of this word being hidden behind their erect posture and blazon smile. Trauma. Is. Subject. To. […]

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