Death and Dying

I thought about dying today. I had a vision of a car T-boning me while I was driving home. I envisioned what we’ve all seen in the movies; broken glass flying, the screech of the tires, sound on impact that you don’t quite recognize because it doesn’t seem real. I felt the jerk of my […]

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The Day My Earth Stood Still

Today is a mutual day of celebration, reflection, forgiveness, triumph and resounding pain. I had initially started this blog post reflecting on what happened this day two years ago. Reflecting on the road that lay ahead as I was forced to recover and then eventually did. I was going to reflect on how overwhelming it […]

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Warrior Princesses

  Being a woman in our society these days sometimes feels like the equivalent of being a Warrior Princess continually on the forefront of battle, leaving us war torn, exhausted, and merely surviving. This summer I attended my first women’s retreat and simply put, WOW! I have never been surrounded by so many women (outside of […]

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