Life as I know it…

I am sitting in my hotel room in Biloxi, MS with the window open and the cool “winter” air wafting my sweaty ponytail around. I will be here for 5 solid weeks and I can already sense that it will not be long enough to cleanse my soul. I am two days in and I have […]

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Jesus Feminist

Jesus Feminist; the title of a book by Sarah Bessey that I have recently dived into with as much grace and patience and forgiveness that I can muster in my battered body; but also a spiritual battle raging inside of me. I have made the decision to step forward into my call to be in […]

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Photo Credit: Amy Nicole Scott and Stephanie M. Moors Surrender. One of the most essential things we must do in order to start the deconstruction of who we thought we were and into the growth of who we want to be. Surrendering hurts. Our pride and shame build up walls to provide comfort in our ignorance and surrendering […]

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What I am Not

This morning I was chatting with a dear friend of mine as he was munching on an eloquent traditional Chamorro dish that his wife had prepared for him and eventually the conversation drifted to a question posed by him, “Are you good at cooking?” An innocent enough question from the outside but one that let […]

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The Bigger Picture

My grandparents took my sisters and me to Catholic Mass on the “important” holidays and sometimes in between.  But I was better introduced to the Christian faith when I was about nine and began attending church with a neighborhood family. In reality we first began attending to get away from the chaos of our addicted […]

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A Point on the Horizon

It’s a new year. The gyms are packed, grocery stores are running out of “Organic” labeled everything, budgets are being made, and people are ready to tackle this fresh beginning. There is something about the new year that makes it seem like anything is possible. That this new date on the calendar with all the […]

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