PowerSheets: an update

As mentioned in this post, I stumbled across Lara Casey and her PowerSheets a few years ago and I was so encouraged by all the promise in them.  The energy I felt when I received them, for months when I poured over what I wanted my life to look like in 50 years, and how […]

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Sack Cloth and Ashes

As of two weeks ago, I have been accepted and registered for my first seminary classes at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, CO.  It is wild.  God is wild and so, so good. This process has been surreal and as some of you know, quite long.  I first got the notion to follow God’s […]

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To Another Six Years

  I have spent the last 7 and 1/2 years in this uniform.  Years of bouncing between being in Reserve status (serving one weekend a month), as an IMA (serving 30ish days a year), and showing up everyday on Active Duty status.  I have never been more proud of anything else I have accomplished in […]

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Captivating Resilience

This post originally appeared on GirlAbove.com Life has this peculiar way of sending unexpected adventures. Sometimes they are fun and leave us breathless and glowing; other times we are left in a tailspin with the comical birds and stars floating around our heads. But, what I have noticed through my years of adventuring this great […]

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He doesn’t change His mind…

“God doesn’t change his mind about what He gave you.  If the devil can get you to think your gifts and callings are so little that you don’t use them, he can starve you.” – Steven Furtick I’ve been doing  a lot of thinking when it comes to this little blog and to be honest, […]

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The Kindness of Neighbors

When Carlos and I moved into our new house here in New Mexico, we literally knew no one.  It wasn’t an unfamiliar gesture for us since we are military and our moves usually constitute us not knowing a lot, if any, people when we first get settled.  But this move was so different because our […]

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