The books on my shelf

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth by Juliet Gauvin Elizabeth is the leading divorce lawyer in San Francisco but after her Great Aunt Mags dies, she drops everything and moves to Ireland in order to make sense of the life that she created based on a lie. This is my first “romance” novel and although I […]

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Thank you, Jesus.

I live in America where nearly everything is at my finger tips.  It is one swipe, one click, one road trip or plane ride, one phone call away from me.  This sense of having it all, whenever I want draws me into the reality that I take every. thing. for. granted. Lately, the Lord has […]

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September: a prayer

I want you to stop closing your eyes, worrying, and then calling it prayer. -Steven Furtick Sovereign Father, speak your life into us.  Make known your will and your truths.  With so many voice constantly telling us one thing and another, we crave to hear you above every other noise.  Keep us focused and supporting […]

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The books on my shelf.

Since I wasn’t able to cram all my highlighted books in my last installment, here are a few more books that I read over the summer.  What have you been reading?  Hello Mornings: How to Build a Grace-Filled, Life-Giving Morning Routine by Kat Lee Hello Morning is everything you would expect it to be.  A self-help book that instructs you on how to break down all the details of […]

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The less you speak.

I recently “assisted” a friend with a bad break-up.  I put air quotes on how I was there for her because as much as I thought I was there supporting her, I realize now that I didn’t love her in her brokenness the way I think God would have wanted me too.  In the beginning, […]

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The books on my shelf.

I have been horrid about keeping you up to date on what I’ve been reading.  Since my last post, I think I have read close to 15 books.  I won’t be posting about all of them in this post but I will pick the top few that still really stand out to me.  It’s been […]

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Thy will be done.

When the rain comes, we hear it before it arrives. Much like Gods blessings do because He wants us to walk by FAITH not by SIGHT. – Pastor Levi Lusko I’m in a season of accepting that ALL things occur because He wills them to. I make lists and goals and vision boards and each […]

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Never Going at it Alone.

  I was listening to a podcast interviewing Hannah Brencher who spoke so openly and so beautifully about her battle with depression. Something she said resonated so wholly with me. She was asked in the interview what brought her through her depression and she had mentioned the importance of medication and therapy but the most […]

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