Summer is knocking on our door which makes me happier than a rooster crowing at the sight of day break.  Well, I assume they are exceptionally happy because I can’t imagine a grumpy rooster making that much noise in the morning.  Summer is my favorite season after having lived in Florida.  The nonstop sunshine, warm […]

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When Two People Fall in Love

Last weekend, Kal-El and I met in Williamsburg, VA to celebrate the marriage of my oldest and dearest college friend and the man of her dreams. I have not seen Christine in about 2 years but we stay close by texting almost daily. She is a lawyer in DC and met her husband, Jesse, while […]

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About a 18 months ago I heard about StoryWorth. It’s basically a time capsule in word/memory form. The ideal is that you choose someone or a group of people in your family (or even yourself) to interview and every week you receive a question to be added to the “vault of memories” as I like […]

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Thirty and Fabulous: Pt 2

I have always been a huge advocate for getting away or at least spending quality time with your girlfriends. In the past I have set-up countless Girls Nights, dinner dates, sleep over, weekend getaways because I truly believe that it is so important to have healthy relationships with women that empower you. When I was […]

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Thirty and Fabulous: Pt 1

I cannot begin to tell you how absolutely loved I felt this year for my birthday. My birthday is a BIG deal for me. I remember being in high school and waking up early to decorate the house so when I came home from school it was a “surprise“ of balloons and posters. When I […]

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Taken for Granted

I live in America where nearly everything is at my finger tips.  It is one swipe, one click, one road trip or plane ride, one phone call away from me.  This sense of having it all, whenever I want draws me into the reality that I take every. thing. for. granted. Lately, the Lord has […]

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The Books on my Shelf–pt. 2

Welcome to round 2 of Books on my Shelf. Original post here. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke This book was a complete delight! This 780-some page book took me almost 3 weeks to digest and I wish it had not ended! I was lucky enough to stumble upon a used copy that […]

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April: a prayer

Father God, Your ways are good and they are strong and they are noble.  We are entering into a time of transition as the bitterness of winter fades into the warmth of spring.  Transitions and changes are so hard for us as humans. Please forgive us for that.  For our stuttering and sidestepping on the […]

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